TermaTech TT10 – 6kW – ECODesign

Wood burning stove, 6kW – ECODesign 2022, Smoke Control Area Exempt, 82% Efficient, A Energy Rating, 13% Dust.

The TT10 is a sound, tired and tested stove that is designed to last for many years. It’s simple to operate, burns effectively, and meets contemporary requirements, despite its classical status.
The rounded sides mean that the stove will look good against a straight wall, or in a corner.

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When using your wood or multi fuel stove, it is vital that all appliances undergo a period of burning in. This involves building small fires initially and gradually increasing the size with each firing. This will ensure that your stove anneals and will not crack with the thermal shock experienced when first used. If this process is adhered to, you should experience years of trouble free, enjoyable use.
• Eco-Design Approved
• Defra Approved
• HETAS Approved
• Log Length – 250 mm
• Heat Output – 6kW
•Top Or Rear Flue
•1 Viewing Window
• 82% (wood) Efficiency
• Energy Rating – A
• Construction – Steel body with steel door
• Height – 1009 mm
• Width – 518 mm
• Depth – 462 mm
• Heat Output – 3-8kW
• Top Or Rear Flue 5 inch
•  sheet
• Warranty – Upto 5 Years (Body of the stove, terms apply)